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I programmed Deb “Spoons” Perry to perform as part of the main-stage program of TEDx Sydney 2016. As part of her performance, we engaged our audience to participate in an attempt to break the world record for playing spoons. Deb was highly professional and approached this rather daunting task with dedication and attention to detail. She was an absolute pleasure to work with. But most importantly, she is a brilliant entertainer.  She had our very sophisticated audience up on their feet, enthusiastically playing spoons, whooping and cheering.  Many of our community have subsequently told me that her performance was one of the highlights of their day. I hope that Deb and I can work together again in the future.

Edwina Throsby Head of Editorial and Curation TEDxSydney


But then there was Deb ‘Spoons’ Perry. She is a world champion spoon player (I kid you not). Written here that sounds like the dullest, stupidest thing in the world but the joy de vivre and energy that lady possesses was infectious. She – quite literally – rocked the house. She taught everyone to play the spoons and led them in a world record attempt at the number of people playing spoons in the one place. I can’t begin to tell you how much fun it was to watch Sydney’s movers-and-shakers playing the spoons along to Paul Kelly’s “Dumb Things” and smiling every minute as they played!

Written by Jennifer, volunteer attendee at TEDx Sydney 2016


“In my time at Warner Music Australia I’ve been lucky enough to interview and work with a lot of big name artists from all over the world, but I’ve gotta say the most charismatic and likeable personality I’ve ever encountered is a spoon playing Grandma from Bridgetown Western Australia named Deb Perry”

Michael Corbett. Creative Content Manager, Warner Music


 ”She has a charismatic, wildly energetic on stage presence that can cross all genres. She has guest performed with many acts over the years in a vast array of settings and crowds react wildly to her feel good, manic antics. Having said that, Deb is the consummate professional and takes pride in the preparation and research that she puts in to these very special one off performances.”

Pip Mills ( Bridgetown Pottery Restaurant) former Chairperson of Blues at Bridgetown.


Fringe Festival Perth 2014

4.5 Stars    Review: Alice Mepham – for The West Australian

I’m going to be upfront, Deb “Spoons” Perry’s performance might just be the most entertaining rock show I’ve attended in recent memory. I realise that sounds like an oxymoron and seemingly reflects poorly on my musical outings, but hear me out here.

Perry bangs away with her spoons with as much energy Charlie Watts, Keith Moon and Tommy Lee combined. It’s as though the spirit of a deceased rocker possesses this  mild-mannered grandmother from Bridgetown. But as soon as the spoons are down she’s just goes back to being Deb, completely unassuming and utterly delightful.

If you remain unconvinced that the spoons just aren’t high octane enough for you, I implore you to look up a few of Perry’s performances online. It might just change the way you look at your utensil of choice in the morning.

In addition to unleashing all hell upon her instrument of choice, Perry also runs through a brief history of the spoon as musical instrument. Yes, it is a broader and richer area of history than you’d initially imagine. This edifying lesson adds an interesting dynamic to a show that could easily rely on gimmicks. Bonus points go to Perry for audience participation as I’ve never experienced before. I can now proudly claim to be proficient in playing the spoons to These Boot’s Are Made for Walking. It might not mean much to you, but it’s definitely going on my resume.

As I wandered around the PleasureGarden for an hour after the show, I could still hear the odd set of spoons being bashed together. Who knows, maybe Deb might just start a culinary revolution? Here’s hoping.

Fringe World Audience reactions:

“Super audience involvement highly entertaining and inspirational – turning a fun talent into a class act”

“Inspiring, uplifting and the best message that we can all achieve our dreams no matter how big or small. Bravo !”

“Amazing Deb what you have accomplished…”

“You were the highlight of my life tonight. Thanks oxox”

Joyful !!

“Congratulations that was the best show I have ever been to”



Deb “Spoonsperry” was invited to appear at our major fundraising event, the 2013 CEO CookOff.

A joint initiative of OzHarvest and Qantas, the CEO CookOff aimed to increase awareness of excess food which could be used to feed disadvantaged Australians, with a special focus in 2013 on women and youth in crisis.

Deb “Spoonsperry” not only offered fantastic entertainment for close to a thousand of our vulnerable guests, she also made everyone feel very included and brought a cheerful and positive energy which shone through in her performances on stage.

We would highly recommend Deb as part of your special event, function or fundraising extravaganza.


“… such dexterity the crowd were on their feet yelling for more”.
The Gold Coast Bulletin


Deb was great, keeping us entertained with an array of music numbers during the night. Both the audience and the group who joined Deb playing the spoons enjoyed every minute of it. Thanks Deb, you are a very talented lady who knows how to entertain.

Trudy Clothier

Wescarpade Motoring Event

Camp Quality

Laughter is the best medicine


“was perfect…entertaining and instructive…..fantastic, good on ya Deb… I enjoyed your personal approach and easy manner, thank you…..that was great fun……PHEW !!….. great and unusual entertainment….excellent entertainment……we should have more of it……you make a lot of people very happy”….. Catholic Women’s League Australia


“I enjoyed your personal approach and easy manner which didn’t make me feel intimidated. Thanks you and good luck…..Have you enjoyed the session? ………” greatly…….yes very enjoyable…yes that was great fun……very much…… .Yes!!!! … .absolutely fabulous”…. University of Western Australia Extension


“Members are still talking about how much they enjoyed your presentation and that they were given a chance too have a go at the art of spoon playing”. Manjimup Probus


  • Letters etc :

Thank you. thank you. Perry showed off the amazing dynamics she could acheive with her two utensils. Thank you for being a great role model for us fifty-something year olds. Aren’t you just blooming brilliant.

  • Australia’s Got Talent

Tom Burlinson

“Deb you are a classic – I loved the way you built through the performance. That is the best spoon act I’ve ever seen”.

Danni Minogue

“That was hot like a halapeno – Grandma you rock. There is no one that I’ve seen here tonight that rocked the band inspired the audience and got us all up – that was magnificent.”

Grant Denyer

“A silverware fox. It’s an extreme sport and I wasn’t joking”.

Red Symonds

“Dude Dude don’t go changing, OK”

Paul Omodei

Thanks for putting Bridgetown and Western Australia on the map in such a unique and positive way. Rock on.

  • Elderly

Wow, Spoonsperry visited us all here at William Carey Court, the residents all filled up the activity room,  waiting to hear from Spoonsperry. The residents where amazed with her abilities and got right into the atmosphere and singing along. Amazing lady to watch.

From all at William Carey Court, Baptist Care Busselton

Geegeelup Village

All those in attendance were most impressed with your energy and skill, and have asked me to request that you return to perform, when your busy schedule permits.

  • Schools

“The kids and staff thought Deb was awesome …top class performer”.

Kathy Panglor, Principal Dumbleyung


“Well structured, plenty of equipment, excellent worshop. All the children enjoyed the show and the humour”.

Jill Colreavy, Teacher, Nannup


“Not only did they enjoy themselves but the learning that took place clearly justified the workshop. Your enthusiasm and obvious love of your art were evident to all who took part and the overall success of the activity was directly attributable to your ability to include everyone from Kindergarten to Year 12”.

Ed de Ruiter, Principal Mukinbudin District High School


The students cheered and clapped with enjoyment, then started practicing their spoon routine with enthusiasm.

Boyup Brook District High School. 

  • Children

“Deb has real talent….. I thought it was terrific…..We all clanked the spoons together like we were pros and had sore fingers….. Deb rocks…… Playing the spoons was great fun – it was the best thing I have done in this school…..It was great when you let us play the spoons…… Thanks you for teaching us how to play the spoons. It was awesome. I enjoyed every part of it….. To learn a new instrument was a dream come